For a real fisherman's treat, we have the "Box O' Dicks" Fisherman's Collection.


Thats right, you want more dicks than you know what to do with. We have the biggest solution for you. We put the dicks... in the box!

This awesome product contains a huge variety of all our Longwood favorites and some special "Box O' Dicks" exclusive lures that you can't get otherwise. Trust us if you are willing to go for the biggest and best we are going to deliver. We load a big box with a complete variety and colors selected for the best chance to get a catch!

Perfect for the fisherman (or fisherwoman) in your life!


The small "Box O' Dicks" contains a minimum of 25 lures while the large "Box O' Dicks" contains a minimum of 40 lures including 1 MegaDong!

The Longwood Lure Exclusive "Box O' Dicks" Fisherman's Collection