Usually a bag of dicks isn't worth much but at Longwood Lure Company, its the catch of the day. Lets face it sometimes variety is the spice of life and whats better than a good old variety pack and thats what we include. You Asked for them and We load them up, a complete selection of our most popular worms... that GLOW!


The Glow in the Dark "Special Edition" Bag O'Dicks is perfect for those of you wanting a wide variety or looking for a hilarious gift with glowing options. 


This mixture of worms includes some of our favorites, some of our most bizarre, and everything in between. If you are wanting to see what Longwood Lures is all about or surprise someone this is the bag for you.


Colors may vary! All will Glow!

Bag O' Dicks "Glow in the Dark Edition" Assorted Plastic Worm Fishing Lures

  • The Bag O' Dicks is exactly what it sounds like, our most popular worms put together to give you good old Longwood Lure happy ending.

  • Longwood Lures does accept returns in some cases.  But we are betting you'll love these so much you will never need to, if you do have a problem let us know and we will help whip it out and get it handled for you.