Don't you laugh at it!!!  It's not his fault he's made that way.  Besides it's not always the size that matters, especially when your looking for a chub grub.  


This little guy is meant to take a pounding and can be used to add something extra to your favorite jig or set up.   


Don't be afraid to jerk the Lil' Chub to your hearts content, we're sure it won't get off.


Colors may vary.

The "Lil' Chub" Penis Fishing Lure

SKU: 0003
  • The Lil' Chub is basically a grub but still maintains the additional balance of some of Longwood Lures bigger counterparts providing buoyancy and stability.  

    The Lil' Chub is a 3 inch mini monster and comes in a variety of colors.

  • Longwood Lures does accept returns in some cases.  But we are betting you'll love these so much you will never need to, if you do have a problem let us know and we will help whip it out and get it handled for you.