"Tip Up" shouts the TadPole, Longwood Lures most popular and sought after bait. The unique design of the TadPole is designed to maximize movement in the water. The larger head not only looks the part but adds an extra amount of control from the hook triggering even the most disinterested to gobble this bad boy down. The thick head provides extra assistance from those nasty hangs but helping bounce you out of trouble.

The TadPole is most popular design for those who want to catch fish with style. Don't believe me? Give it a wiggle or let it dip on its own. This little fellow packs a big punch where it counts.

Longwood Lures offers a variety of colors of the Tadpole to give you the edge in any water. If your a serious fisherman the TadPole is for you.


Colors may vary!

The "TadPole" Penis Fishing Lure

  • The TadPole is a great worm but for extra success we recommend hooking weedless through the head.  This will give you the best rise and fall along with taking advantage of the TadPoles natural ability to keep you out of trouble.

  • Longwood Lures does accept returns in some cases.  But we are betting you'll love these so much you will never need to, if you do have a problem let us know and we will help whip it out and get it handled for you.